Follow Johnny DLT ‘s spicy afternoon as he longboards through Los Angeles in Tumblr’s very first ComiGIF – a comic made entirely out of gifs.

This was a fun one.

Fundraiser Request to Support the One Fund (& you can win, too!)


The Boston Marathon is 75 days away, and for THE NEXT 24 HOURS, anyone who donates $75 or more to Alexander’s run will be entered to win a free Pilates demo session in Boston or virtual training session with Sirena Bernal! AJ and I have both worked with Sirena and she is INCREDIBLE. We are super grateful to have her on board for this (more info on her here)

As always, every dollar raised goes to The One Fund Boston.
DONATE HERE: http://bit.ly/AJMaud

Money is energy.
It can be used.
It can be played with.
It can even be enjoyed.
You can build with it.
It can be used to better the world.

– Hildie Dunn

I began to see that some of the people related to me by blood were not my family, and some of my friends and ex-flames were. In some way the definition became very basic and pared down, like the person you can call to drive you to the hospital in the middle of the night is your family. My family was suddenly voluntary, elective, chosen: a great thing I came to late.

– Katie Roiphe - In Praise of Messy Lives