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This was a fun one.

Money is energy.
It can be used.
It can be played with.
It can even be enjoyed.
You can build with it.
It can be used to better the world.

– Hildie Dunn

I began to see that some of the people related to me by blood were not my family, and some of my friends and ex-flames were. In some way the definition became very basic and pared down, like the person you can call to drive you to the hospital in the middle of the night is your family. My family was suddenly voluntary, elective, chosen: a great thing I came to late.

– Katie Roiphe - In Praise of Messy Lives

Required Reading for my clients:

Being the best = disproportionate results.

"In a world of infinite choice, there’s a flight to quality. That means it’s ‘free’ to try all the free ebooks, the $7 online courses, the ‘guru’ webinars…but ultimately, we start to realize we’re wasting our most valuable resource of all: time. I’ve found the best people want the best material. And when you’re ready for the best, price is a mere triviality.

That’s why I spend millions of dollars developing my courses, sparing no expense. I spend years researching the market, collecting 100,000+ data points, ripping my courses apart and rebuilding them until they’re perfect. 

And it’s why I’m not afraid to charge premium prices for premium material. Because the best know to focus on value, not cost.

I love when people write me saying, ‘Dream Job looks great but WOW that’s too expensive. I might buy it if it cost $50.’ I just laugh. I don’t play in the $50 sandbox. Why would I? I’d rather give my material away for free than attract people who pay $50.

So I give away 98% of my material free. My goal is to make my free material better than anyone else’s paid stuff. And I know that after I’ve invested in you, sometimes for years, you’ll invest in yourself when the time is right.”

- Ramit Sethi